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EC Leadership  Conference

The #1 Online Resource to teach you how to LEAD, GROW, CONNECT and BUILD YOUR SCHOOL OF EXCELLENCE!

Lifetime Access to 30+ Masterclasses for only $397

Need a certificate of attendance? 

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​How to help a teacher with zero awareness.

Heres what you'll learn:

  • Why teachers are resistant to change

  • How to invite the teacher into the conversation

  • Word for word script so your message is encouraging and non-threatening

  • Framework to help the teacher choose the right goals

Top reasons people want the Lifetime Pass: 

Access ALL of the masterclasses from the EC Leadership Conference

When you get the Lifetime Pass for the EC Leadership Conference, you'll immediately get access to 30+ expert sessions that you can watch and share with your team. 

Ability to log in and re-watch sessions whenever you want.

Really, whenever you want! Even if you're looking for content or inspiration in 5 years from now... all you need to do is log in to the members area and you access all of the content!

Share the conference with your team for professional development.

Do you have monthly staff meetings? Do you struggle with coming up with material that could be useful for your teachers? The masterclasses are great material to share with your team for training! 

The ECLC Lifetime Pass in the Solution! 

Here's what you get when you invest in the Lifetime Pass: 

1. A username and password to access every session

You'll get a username and password so that you can log in to the membership site with the recordings of all of the speaker sessions from the conference, organized in a clear way so that you can easily find the sessions that interest you most! 

2. Watch the sessions with teachers in your school

For example, if you'd like your teachers to learn more about a specific topic such as loose parts, documentation, nature or positive classroom environment, you'll have the content to help you at your fingertips. We have sessions on each of these topics so you can sit with your teachers and learn with them. 

3. Access to all of the bonuses included in the pass

 The lifetime pass is packed with value. Alongside the masterclass sessions with the speakers, you'll also get access to all of the bonuses, including PDF action guides of each speaker sessions, action plan webinar, support community with other lifetime pass holders and much more! 

"I am absolutely loving the conference, thank you so much for all the effort you put into this! This is the exact information I need before I start my journey in handing off the classes I teach at my school to become the director."
April Hepokoski


…for only $397

"I could not have spent my day more productively. Thank you!"
Rochel Abelsky

"I absolutely love Simon Sinek and have been following him for years. I've read all his books including his latest "Together is Better" and have given his books as gifts to my clients. Your session with him - BLEW ME AWAY!!!!!!!! So so great!!! The 360 Degree Review process - AMAZING! :-)))"
Kris Murray, CEO at Childcare Marketing

"I just wanted to say WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW!!!! I am totally beyond wowed, impressed, and overwhelmed by what you have done."
Elana Fertig


…for only $397

The World Class Speakers Are Divided Into These Five Sections

1. Leadership

2. Marketing, Branding & Finances

3. Reggio Inspired Work

4. Parent Partnerships

5. Teacher Relationships

Get access to ALL of the sessions, whenever you want!

Watch at your convenience

Tune in on your own schedule

Re-watch whenever it’s convenient for you

Get actionable PDF guides from every speaker interview

How will you become a leader, increase enrollment AND inspire your team-- all while building a powerful brand?

You could flail around trying to figure everything out by working 12-hour days… and then finally pay a small fortune to try and get clarity – about what actually works.

Or you could get individual help from one of the speakers.

What You'll Learn...

  • How to consistently inspire and motivate your team
  • Why creating a culture is the most important thing you can do as a director and the steps you need to take to get this done.
  • How to guide every teacher to deliver her best work and leverage the resources you already have
  • How to crystalize your message so that parents understand the value in what your school does.
  • The mindset of a Reggio inspired leader and how to lead your staff on this journey.
  • How you can create an atelier, use photography and documentation in your school.
  • Empower your teachers to create a positive culture in their classroom for the children.
  • How to connect and cultivate parent relationship and turn your parent body into raving fans of the school.


…for only $397

The Lifetime Pass Includes…

Video interviews (mp4)
25+ hours… $1497 value

The complete video interviews with 30+ speakers who deliver actionable content. They will help you become a better leader, market your school, communicate with parents and develop rewarding relationships with teachers. 

PDF Speaker Action Guides
$697 value

The speaker action guides are the golden nuggets and action steps from every speaker. Each question is broken down into categories and the speaker's specific feedback, tips and suggestions.

Claim These Value-Packed Bonuses

Bonus 1 - LIVE Implementation Workshop ($500 value)

Create your roadmap to get results and implement the key points from the conference with the staff in your school. 

Bonus 2 - Picture of the Day Cheat Sheet ($97 value)

How to cultivate parent partnerships, build trust and engagement and market your school. 

Bonus 3 - Create a Collaborative School Culture Masterclass ($97 value)

How to create a collaborative culture in your school that encourages innovation from your teachers. 

Bonus 4 - 5 Instantly Effective Secrets To Building Registration ($97 value)

Discover five little-known secrets to help you get more enrollments in your school without adding stress!

Bonus 5 - The Block and Tackle Method ($97 value)

This productivity method will show you an extremely effective strategy to knock out your to-do list and get things done. 

Bonus 6 - Top Resources From EC Leadership Conference Speakers ($197 value)

Get the top resource recommendations from your favorite conference speakers including books, podcasts and TED talks. 

...That's $3,279 worth of content! 

And you can get LIFETIME Access for a one-time payment of $397 today. 


…for only $397

Where will you be in 3 months?

In 3 months from now you will already feel more relaxed and confident.

  • You have the mindset and strategy to be a successful leader in their school who makes their team smarter!
  • You’ll have a tool chest of strategies to know how to motivate your team!
  • You’ll have the marketing strategies that you need to brand your school and max out your registration
  • You will understand and know the steps you need to take bring Reggio Inspired ideas into your school
  • You will have the foundational strategy in place for cultivating parent relationships.
  • And you’ll have unique targeted trainings that you can watch with your teachers about positive discipline, documentation, photography and much more.

  • What makes the EC Leadership conference different from every conference you have ever attended either live or online?

    Your time is valuable, and we want to respect that.

    Do you want to learn from the world’s top leadership thinkers?

    With The EC Leadership Pass, you’ll enter an elite membership area where you’ll be able to watch these powerful masterclasses, panels and advanced training sessions at your own leisure. Return to these amazing expert sessions again and again, on your time.

    And if that’s not enough, $3,279 in exclusive bonus resources and special deals will make your jaw drop!!!

    If you purchase today, you’ll get lifetime access to all the value-packed expert sessions.

    Get the education and tools you need at a special limited time discount to help you get better results and start building your school TODAY.


    …for only $397

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