Early Childhood Leadership Conference

For Progressive Early Childhood Directors who want to build a school of excellence!

  • Become a successful leader
  • Motivate yourteam
  • Create a collaborative school culture
  • Market and brand your school to the right parents
  • Create Reggio Inspired learning spaces
  • Cultivate parent partnerships!

DATES: November 4-8, 2018

Speakers featured in:

20+ Experts Reveal Their Strategies To:

  • Create a collaborative culture in your school
  • Build a community of parents
  • Become a leader who inspires and creates other leaders!
  • Motivates their team towards a common goal
  • Bring Reggio Inspired ideas into your school
  • Market and brand your school’s uniqueness
  • Strategies to delegate and more off your hands

...And so much more!

They will unpack their secrets sharing their tips, strategies, habits and tools for success as leaders!

It is broken down into four easy to digest sections

1. Leadership

World class leadership experts will share their strategies to help you identify how you can step into a leadership role in your school. ​​You will learn how to motivate your team and ensure they are consistently aligned with your goals. You will learn how to create a team of leaders that are creative, innovative and always deliver their best work! In addition, the exact daily actions you need to take to create a collaborative culture where teachers come to work because you’ve created a space for them to thrive!

2. Marketing & Branding

Expert copywriters and branding strategist and social media experts will pull back the curtain on how to brand your school for your ideal parents and simple marketing strategies that don’t take hours or break the bank. You will learn the key components of leveraging social media and creating the right environment and physical space in your school.

3. Reggio Inspired Work

World renowned Reggio Inspired educators will reveal strategies for the interior design of your school, creating an atelier on a budget, creating nature based play and much more!

4. Parent Partnerships

Veteran directors and other experts will unpack the mindset and framework for understanding your parent body and share their tips to deeply connect, relate and value each parent. They will also uncover how you can articulate and educate parents on what your school has to offer so they appreciate and value what you do!

And the best part is you can watch it all for FREE!

The experts you’ll be learning from…

Simon Sinek

Global Bestselling Author of Start with Why and Ted Talk, "How great leaders inspire action"

Marshall Goldsmith

The World's #1 Leadership Thinker and Author of NY Times bestseller Triggers.

Sally Haughey

Founder of Fairy Dust Teaching

Rick Ellis

Bank Street College, Professor, and EC consultant

Alyssa Gallagher

Director of Global Leadership Development for the The Wiseman Group

Kris Murray

CEO of Childcare Marketing

David Marquet

Retired US Navy Captain, and Author of Turn the Ship Around

Jen Lehner

Professor of Digital Marketing at Notre Dame College

Nancy Siegal

Mindfulness and Yoga Instructor

Allie Pesquir

Early Childhood Consultant

Yael Shmilovtich

Interior Design Specialist

Kathy Lee

Author, Speaker and Presenter

Nicole Roccaro

Consultant in the Project Approach

Morty Silber

CEO of Mad-Strategies and lead marketing and sales strategist

Goldie Golding

Director, Consultant, Children's book author

Susan Topeck

The EC network Consultant at The Jewish Education Project

Elana Fertig

Director of Yeshiva of South Shore and Consultant at COJDS

Pearl Stroh

Director at Chabad ELC in the UPW of Manhattan

Suzanne Axelsson

Reggio Inspired Early Childhood Educator

Lorena Seidel (M.Ed.)

Social Emotional Consultant and Trained Positive Discipline Educator

Shariee Calderone

Nature Inspired EC Consultant

Carmen Choi

Community Advisor at HiMama

Cheryl Binnie

Expert Copywriter


The best part is you can get access for FREE (for a limited time)!

Why you should attend the conference?

1. Learn directly from people who have already done it. 

It will help to reduce the learning curve. While experimentation is extremely valuable - go straight to the pot of gold and learn from the experts!

2. It's FREE for a limited time only.

This event will be so powerful! Most conferences cost thousands of dollars to attend, in addition to the air fare. I want to give you FREE ticket but you have to claim it now!

3. Value PACKED video interviews.

No boring lectures! These interviews are jammed with real, raw and authentic conversations. Each expert will share instant takeaways and actionable strategies for immediate implementation!

4. Network with other Early childhood progressive leaders!

Throughout the conference you will be able to connect and collaborate with other directors through the Private Facebook group- only available to conference participants.


The best part is you can get access for FREE (for a limited time)!

Schedule of Events

Here you can find everything that will be covered in the conference and

when each interview will go live for you to view. 

Sunday 4th November 2017

All sessions will be available at 9am EST

Simon Sinek

How can you create a culture of innovation and creativity in your school? The specific strategies and steps you can take everyday to build the circle of safety and a place where teachers want to deliver their best work!

Pearl Stroh

How to create a universal language in your school where teachers, assistants and anyone who comes in contact with the children speaks with respect, dignity and understanding of the child.

Shariee Calderone

How to bring nature into your school through the outdoor classroom or other nature based play.

Jen Lehner

Specific tactics and strategies to leverage social media and consistently attract the right kind of parents to your school. You can do this even if you have very little time on your hands!

Monday 5th November 2017

All sessions will be available at 9am EST

Alyssa Gallagher

How to harness new ideas and energy to drive educational innovation in your school? Learn what is possible when you could mobilize all the energy and intelligence that you already have in your school!

Kris Murray

The Proven 6-Step System for Converting Tours to Enrollments

Nicole Roccaro

How to bring the Project Approach into your school, even if your teachers have no idea what this is?

Goldie Golding

How do you teach literacy in a way that feels progressive and not robotic. And what is the best way to educate parents about this approach?

Kathy Lee

How to proactively deal with teacher and parent gossip in the school and specific strategies for defusing it when it occurs.

Tuesday 6th November 2017

All sessions will be available at 9am EST

Cheryl Binnie

How to create a homepage on your website that gets parents to drop everything and call you to schedule a school tour!

Nancy Siegal

How to keep calm and be proactive instead of emotionally reactive when crisis hits!

Susan Topeck

How to network and build relationships with other directors. And the steps to finding a mentor and offering value even if you have very little experience. 

Yael Shmilovtich

Tips and strategies to create a unified look in your school that is on brand, de clutter, brighten and focus the space in all your classrooms.

Rick Ellis

The mindset of a Reggio Inspired leader - How to help your teachers learn how to "let go" and not need to control everything. And how to create collaboration sessions that include design thinking and reflective practice with your team.

David Marquet

How to create a leader-leader model in your school and what are the pillars for giving control to your team? How to create this environment even when the stakes are so high!

Wednesday 7th November 2017

All sessions will be available at 9am EST

Morty Silber

How to crystalize the messaging of your school to attract your ideal parents. Targeted marketing advice that doesn't break the bank but brings in the buck! 

Sally Haughey

How to create an altelier on a budget - with loose parts, natural materials and recycled objects?

Allie Pesquir

How to use photography in the classroom to tell a story with specific strategies on using the camera as a learning tool that enhances the children learning and experiences?

Elana Fertig

How to balance the tightrope between friend and boss with your teachers?

Thursday 8th November 2017

All sessions will be available at 9am EST

Marshall Goldsmith

Teacher Motivation - The strategies needed to keep your team motivated, the toxic mistakes directors make that deplete energy and what you can do today to build responsibility and leaders on your team! 

Suzanne Axelsson

The Journey of documentation - How a director can empower her team to understand the value of documenting and it's process?

Carmen Choi

How to bridge the knowledge gap between parents and teachers? Understanding the value of the 5 developmental domains and using it as part of your curriculum planning. 

Lorena Seidel

How to empower your team with the strategies they need to create a positive classroom dynamic?

Susan TopeckThe EC network Consultant at
The Jewish Education Project

"Each time that I have introduced Chanie to a group of early childhood leaders, she has inspired them by her knowledge, passion and insight. She is comfortable with many kinds of educators and with sharing ideas that are new or that are being presented with a new twist or understanding."

"Before trying out these new strategies, we didn't really have a system for personal teaching meeting, observation and follow up. Now, I started making meetings with my teachers twice a week. Tuesday for an hour and Thursdays for 90 minutes. I learned about the strategies on a Monday morning, by the end of the week I had met with 3 of my teachers! I was truly on a high - it was amazing for me and my teachers.

Another thing, I have always wanted to get into the classes and observe, so using the block and tackle method I created a slot in my calendar where I observe in classes.

I was hesitant at first about trying something new - but I LOVE it! My teachers are no longer strangers to me - I know what going on in their lives, and the teachers were thrilled!"

Pearl StrohDirector of Chabad Early Learning Center in Upper West Side NYC

What makes this conference unique?

No Travel Required

​You can attend the conference from anywhere with internet access.

Save the air fare and the tolls and keep your points for the next time that you book a hotel room!

Flexible Schedule

Each presentation will be available for 48 hours to view at your convenience.

You can work them into your day in the way that suits your schedule best.

Once in a LIFETIME Speakers

I personally chose speakers from different industries who have personally inspired me and I know that have incredible value to share!

High Quality

At this event the speakers will hold nothing back! They will reveal their best secrets and inspire you to take massive action in your school.

Is this event a good fit for me?

If you find yourself in one of the following categories, this event is good fit for you:

The Aspiring Leader

You know that becoming a more successful leader can have a dramatic impact on your school’s growth and your personal life. You want to help each teacher shine , you want to create a better culture, and you really want to learn how!

The Hustler

You’ve been burning the midnight oil for far too many nights trying to think of new creative ways to increase enrollment. You know your school is special, but the parents are coming. Or if they are it’s trickling water….

The Innovative (creative lightbulb director)

You already have 100+ ideas every morning before you sit down for coffee. You want to bring in more progressive and Reggio Inspired ideas into your school. So you’ve started some initiatives, some have been great, but you want more. You want your staff to “BUY IN” and really get it!

The Nurturer

You care so much about EACH parent, teacher and child. You really want everyone to be happy and care about each other. You want to create a community of parents and a place where everyone can call home. You want this with every fiber of your being and really believe in it!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Where is the event located?

How do I watch the live sessions? 

I can't attend all the sessions live. Will there be a recording? 


The best part is you can get access for FREE (for a limited time)!

Meet Your Host: Chanie Wilschanski

I am Chanie Wilschanski, an early childhood strategist and leadership coach. I work with EC directors to help them build a school of excellence. School that want that next level and make a bigger impact by creating the right culture in the school, parent relationships and the value they have for their teachers.

No matter the stage of your school, the size of your staff and children or how big your budget ---- schools are powered by the PEOPLE!

I find great joy and satisfaction in helping directors create a culture they desire in their school and cultivate the lifelong relationships with the parent body and their teachers. 

Guiding them to show value and appreciation for EACH teacher and pioneering effective and productive meetings that allow a director to leverage her time, money and resources!

Professional Experience

  • I started my journey over a 11 years ago and taught in Manhattan's innovative Preschool of the Arts for 5 years.

  • In 2012 I got my Masters in Early Childhood and Special ED from Mercy College.

  • Currently I'm a professor for the EC course in Beth Rivkah teaching Seminary.

  • I’ve worked with schools from 6 continents and 16 different countries!

A Bit About Me... 

  • I am a wife and mother of 3 beautiful children ages 2, 4 and 6.

  • A sibling to 7 brothers and sisters

  • A Sensory lover! I have 3 sensory bins in my living room and one of them is a kiddie pool!

  • I’m a suburban girl who who grew up in Elizabeth NJ and now live in Brooklyn NY (still getting used to city life)

  • I write weekly thank you letters- EVERY Friday morning for 30 minutes. I’ve written letters to friends, clients, family members, authors and speakers who have inspired me.

  • I love warm hot espressos and a really good avocado sushi roll

    • I read on average 2 books a week - that range from leadership, early childhood, marketing, parent relationships, productivity and much more. ​


The best part is you can get access for FREE (for a limited time)!